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“Fun Blocks” is an exciting game from “Appiolla”!

Remove the blocks, dismount the tower and do not let the hero fall.

In the game you expect:

• 5 HEROES. Each hero has his own form, on which his behavior during the game depends.

• 4 UNIQUE BOOSTERS. Boosters will help to pass the levels – they will strengthen or break the wall, keep the hero from falling, when it would seem that nothing can save him.

• 100+ LEVELS. Each level will offer you a new test. The wall is different at each level. It can become high, narrow, very firm or quite unstable.

• AWARDS FOR ACHIEVEMENTS. As a reward for completing the levels you will get points, boosters and diamonds.

• DAILY TESTS. Get extra rewards every day!

The “Fun Blocks” game will keep you on your toes, but it will also give you so many positive emotions that you will gladly return to it over and over!